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Abdul Abulbul Amir of Ghazaal Beledi

Kevin Brushes, aka Abdul Abulbul Amir, affectionately known as BuBu to the troupe (he still claims he missed a band meeting and got stuck with this moniker), is Ghazaal Beledi's lead drummer. He started playing drums at age 10, was in a basement band at age 11, and has played in various rock/blues bands ever since. He switched to the doumbek in the mid 90's, and has played folk music in the groups High Fidelity and Rossettistone with Wyllow (Sahara) Ravenscroft since then. In 2007 he sat in on drum at a Black Wren Morris practice, where he met Jeremy (Jeremiah) Cheek, Laura (Lorella) Masterson and Tiffany (Hadarah) Loy. A fateful jam session at a backyard party at Jeremy's house became an audition to join Ghazaal Beledi, which he did in 2008. Kevin is continually learning new rhythms and finding new ways to annoy the dancers. He is also the official emcee for the group, which impresses nobody.

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