Ghazaal Beledi World Music & Dance


Sahara Moon

Ghazaal Beledi is proud to announce their new CD, Sahara Moon, featuring Jeremy, Wyllow, Kevin, Kenny and Lara, with Jen Mayer on violin, Kenneth Helms on bass, and the Ghazaal Beledi dancers!

On a scorching Arizona morning in July, the Ghazaal Beledi band met at Uranus Recording Studios in Tempe, Arizona. For the next 14 hours, the band laid down tracks for their first CD, Sahara Moon. Jon Weil, engineer for Tempe’s own Gin Blossoms, guided the session with his expert skills. Jon took it all in stride when a bevy of beautiful belly dancers, the Ghazaal Beledi dancers to be exact, descended on the studio to add backup vocals, zils, and zaghareets to the mix. Just another day at the studio!

Uranus Studios is one of the most unique recording facilities anywhere. It is located in the historic Tempe Creamery, one of Arizona’s oldest buildings and a registered historic landmark. In 1994 the Gin Blossoms obtained the property, and in 1997 Gin Blossoms lead singer Robin Wilson became the sole owner. Wilson turned the studio into a professional facility with possibly the best live room in the Phoenix, Arizona area. It turned out to be a perfect place for Ghazaal Beledi’s eclectic mix of hand drums and acoustic instruments.

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Track Listing

  • "Punjabi Oy!"
  • "Ah Ya Zane"
  • "Breton Medley"
  • "Shifty"
  • "El Amor"
  • "Feely"
  • "Leiley"
  • "Nefertari"
  • "Begin Again"
  • "Sahara Moon"
  • "Song of the Gypsies"
  • "Tarak"