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Baba Ganoush of Ghazaal Beledi

Jason Burlingame (Baba Ghanoush), as a bassist, was initially self-taught. Thanks to the resources of the early internet and a crackerjack use of rewind. Thus allowing someone with no prior musical inclination, aside from pretending to play the demo track on a Casio keyboard, to develop his nascent affection for bass. Previously working with multiple producers and bands the Spiderhole, Straylight, and currently the Freeport Aesthetic, he has experience in rock, prog rock, experimental, free improv, lounge, hip hop, R&B, and pop. Ghazaal Beledi has allowed him to pursue more archaic and organic sounds and song structures, while conversely he has developed a recent appreciation for ambient electronic music. He has to this day fostered an unyielding proclivity to hum and imagine low rhythms and grooves. Knowing these lower desires bind men to the earth and bring motion to the still, a move to a dance oriented project was natural. Sharing friends and practice spaces as artists do, it was not long before he found a position in Ghazaal Beledi.

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