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Ghazaal Beledi Dancers - Cecilia

Cecilia of Ghazaal Beledi

As a little girl, Cassandra (Cecilia) Lopez parents had always encouraged her to explore her artistic abilities. She sang in her church choir and put in several years of dance and cheer throughout elementary and high school. Under the instruction of Ashley Law, she honed in on her dance training at The Winnie Downtown. Into adulthood, Cassandra began branching into genres such as Belly Dance and Burlesque. She was bitten hard by the Belly Dance bug and followed in her sister Nicole (Nieva) Lopez' footsteps and joined Ghazaal Beledi in September of 2013. Cassandra loves any activity that will get her outdoors: camping, yoga, hiking, photography, and agility training with her dog, Dixie. Cass is also currently rehearsing vocals with the Ghazaal Beledi band.

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