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Belly Dance Classes

No classes scheduled for Spring and Summer 2017

Improvisational Tribal Style Belly Dance starts with a lead and follow concept in which dancers learn a vocabulary of moves and rely on each other for cues and transitions during the progression of a dance. This brings the class toward dancing as a unified group or tribe. In this class you will be introduced to foundational bellydance movements in which we will begin to build your tribal style vocabulary.

Classes will begin with a warm-up of yoga-based stretches and conditioning exercises as well as muscle toning drills in order to build muscle memory in layering and isolation of the body movement. We will be reviewing moves and learning new moves every week!

Wear comfy pants and a tight fitting top so you can see your isolations. This class is for all ages, shapes, experience levels, men and women alike! Come prepared to have some fun!

Ghazaal Beledi dancers are also available for private lessons and workshops in the following styles:

  • Improvisational Tribal Style Bellydance
  • Bellydance with Palm Flames
  • Bellydance with Fan Veil
  • Bollywood Bellydance Fusion
  • Stage Presence and Tribal Unification
  • English Morris Dance
  • Irish Step Dance
  • Irish Ceilidh Dance

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