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Jenevieve of Ghazaal Beledi

Jennifer (Jenevieve) Bentz has been a lover of dance she was a little girl, dabbling in different dance styles until the age of 16, when she started to take bellydance lessons. Upon seeing the Tribal Bellydance Troupe Domba! at the Arizona Renaissance Festival she knew the direction in which she had wanted to take her training. Jennifer was a natural and started performing in several professional dance troupes including Fyrae, Boom Boom Bollywood, Bedouin Tribe and doing guest spots with Domba! as well as performing her signature solo work for different venues around Arizona. Jennifer began to immerse herself in her training with fire in 2003, which has been an amazing tool in which to elevate her style of dance and performance. Jennifer has studied and taught many world fusion styles all over the United States and the UK such as East Indian, Bollywood, and Flamenco as well as Sword and Fire prop art. Jennifer started performing with current members of Ghazaal Beledi in 2005 and was there when the troupe officially formed in 2007. Her unique choreographies and background in East Indian Dance and fire art has greatly influenced the choreographies you see in Ghazaal Beledi performances. Jennifer is a true romantic and, yes, she does still believe in faeries.

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