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Jeremiah of Ghazaal Beledi

Jeremy (Jeremiah) Cheek comes from a long line of musicians and has been drumming on things, like tables, pots and pans, hand drums, kits, really anything within reach, since he was about 5. To this day, much to the annoyance and/or pleasure of those around him, this continues.

At the age of 5 Jeremy heard a Steely Dan song and decided he wanted to play the saxophone. He started his classical training on the saxophone at the age of ten, and volleyed between sax and drums until 1997 when he discovered English folk music and dance. Jeremy began dancing with Bedlam Bells Morris and Sword at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, but since the saxophone didn't seem to fit in with Morris tunes, he added the Irish pennywhistle to his repertoire. In 2006 he started delving into the world of middle eastern drumming and into the Bollywood and Bhangra dance forms. In 2008, he co-founded Ghazaal Beledi, where he's found the perfect outlet for both music and dance... well, the girls at least humor him and tell him, "Sure, you can dance bhangra," but something always gets in the way...

In Ghazaal Beledi, you might hear Jeremy playing saxophone, pennywhistle, percussion or guitar, and singing in Spanish, Hindi or Italian.

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