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Kymana of Ghazaal Beledi

Kymana had been dancing her whole life and happened upon a belly dance class at her local gym. There she met her first belly dance instructor, Mara. From that point on she was totally addicted and dedicated to absorbing as much of the different styles and techniques of belly dance as she could. She studied with Yasmina and Samia in Arizona and took as many workshops as she was able. In 1998 she also discovered her love for middle eastern music and picked up a doumbek. Kymana was a natural at playing rhythms as well as picking out the percussive elements in a piece of music. She met members of Ghazaal Beledi in 2005 and began dancing and playing with them from then on until the troupe officially formed in 2008. Kymana may be the hardest working member of the troupe as she is both a dancer and a musician, and if you ask her, she would not have it any other way. Kymana's future aspirations include getting her hands on as many exotic and hard to find instruments as possible and proceeding to make some noise! This is great for the rest of the troupe because Kymana sure knows how to make some beautiful sounding noise.

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