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Leanna of Ghazaal Beledi

Tigana (Leanna) Cheek was born into the world of music and dance. Her mother was a Morris dancer, and her father Jeremy (Jeremiah) Cheek, is a Morris dancer and musician. Really, it’s fair to say her path had been laid out before her. In 2007, she began her work with Ghazaal Beledi as a tip girl at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. At just 7 years old she had already shown a penchant for playing music and performance. She started taking Improvisational Tribal Style Bellydance with Laura (Lorella) Masterson in 2010. In 2013 Tigana joined Black Wren Morris and began dancing with the Arizona Renaissance Festival Morris dance troupe, Fairhaven Morris. In September of 2013 she was ready (and old enough) to start performing as a Ghazaal Beledi dancer. In addition to dancing she has also been fine tuning her vocals and guitar playing, as well as picking up the ukulele, with which she can be found annoying all of us backstage with many catchy little earworms. In her spare time she enjoys photography and sketch art and spending most of her time on the internet with more international friends than local tangible people. It’s okay, though, we have figured out how to communicate with her. Just present yourself as one of her favorite Cosplayers and she will give you the time of day.

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