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Lorella of Ghazaal Beledi

Laura (Lorella) Masterson started dance “as soon as she was able to count to seven”. She was a student and competitor of Irish Step Dance for the majority of her childhood and competed and placed in several Preliminary Championships under her instructor, Doireann Maoileidigh Hoy. In 1996, she parted from competition and focused on the theatrical aspects of the dance when asked to join the performance troupe Celtic Fire. She realized her connection to performing and her love of the stage through several years of performance with Celtic Fire Irish Dance and Dancing In The Isles, a Scottish Highland and Country Dance troupe. Through her experience of being a cast member of the Arizona Renaissance Festival, she was able to meet two very great influences of her professional dance career: Paul Nicolaides of Bedlam Bells, and Samantha Riggs of Domba! Paul introduced her to the not-so-recognizable Morris Dancing of the English Cotswolds. She performed with Bedlam Bells Morris and Sword for five years and left during the 2006 season to co-found her own troupe, Black Wren Morris of Tempe, Arizona, which is still actively practicing and performing today! Samantha introduced her to the amazing world of American Tribal Style Belly Dance, Bollywood, Rajasthani, Bhangra, and prop and fire art which she has been studying ever since. As well as being the Director of Ghazaal Beledi and Co-foreman of Black Wren Morris, Laura has ended her brief hiatus with competitive dance and is a moonlighting member of the Phoenix Chapter of The Maguire Academy of Irish Step Dance. Her likes include wheats, stouts, and porters, long walks with good conversation, and slinging lattes. Laura's current desires are to maintain a healthful and consistent yoga practice as well as learn to play the violin and continue to study dance and choreography in all of its many incarnations.

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