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Ghazaal Beledi Dancers - Nadia

Nadia of Ghazaal Beledi

Nadia (Ashley Randall) has been dancing for the past decade, but this is her first year with Ghazaal Beledi. At last year’s Arizona Renaissance Festival, she saw Ghazaal Beledi perform, and was mesmerized. The very next week, she started taking classes with the troupe, and is thoroughly enjoying the challenge of learning this new and beautiful style.

Previously, she competed and performed as a West Coast Swing dancer with her husband. This playful, improvisational style, with its strong emphasis on musicality and individuality, has been a great gateway to the unique style of Ghazaal Beledi. Although performing in a troupe is a completely different experience from performing as a couple, Ashley is excited to learn more and grow with her new friends.

When Ashley isn’t dancing, she is almost always in her art studio, covered in charcoal or paint, creating portraits and figure drawing, which she shows at galleries and exhibitions around the country.

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