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Nieva of Ghazaal Beledi

At a very early age Nicole (Nieva) Lopez parents' encouraged her and her siblings to dance, sing and play instruments. She grew up knowing the importance of music and dance in her home, and being immersed in this artistic environment led Nicole to create dance choreographies for school functions and talent shows throughout elementary and middle school. She began to study Ballroom and Latin dance through programs at Arizona State University and met a tribal style belly dancer who gave her information on classes with Gina (Severina) Zavala of DOMBA!. After two years of Improvisational Tribal Style with DOMBA! and three years of American Tribal Style instruction under Lenay Dunn of Kamalah Dance Co. (Sister Studio of Fat Chance Bellydance), she was hooked! She joined Ghazaal Beledi in 2010 and has been growing with them ever since. Ghazaal Beledi has been an avenue to try different dance styles such as Bollywood and Bhangra fusion, as well as prop and fire art. She is currently developing her fire skill and technique, as well as turning her focus to Flamenco. When Nicole isn't dancing her heart out, she is dedicated to her training for the half-marathon.

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