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Tabouli of Ghazaal Beledi

Tabouli (Christine Zaremba) comes to Ghazaal Beledi with a background in Early Music, which has traditionally limited her performances to between the hours of 6am-9am. She studied classical piano from the age of 7 and currently studies harpsichord, yet over the years decided to take up more portable instruments such as recorders, voice, violin, mandolin and cowbell. In addition to standard medieval, renaissance and Baroque fare, she has been known to engage in Broadway musicals, punk or free-form interpretive modern jazz.

During an Early Music camp some many moons ago Christine discovered English country dancing, from which it was a slippery slope into the rich folk world of the British Isles. A long-time fan of ritual dance and Britcoms, she has been a member of Black Wren Morris since 2014. Being geographically curious by nature, however, she continues to explore international folk music and dance. Her current project is getting her teks and dums straight.

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